ScribeFire 3.4发布及更新点


The following changes were made to ScribeFire between versions 3.3.1 and 3.4:

###New Features### New styling to make ScribeFire fit in better with Firefox’s default theme

  • Cleaned up the “About ScribeFire” frame
  • The “Open in new window” checkbox in the “Add a link” dialog stays checked once you check it.

Support for custom post slugs for WordpressSettings can now be backed up and imported into other ScribeFire installations- Made Settings into its own dialog

###Bug Fixes###

  • Fixed Tumblr signup
  • Fixed bugs with using pre tags
  • Default font now stays selected
  • Fixed bugs with Zemanta timeouts
  • Various accessibility patches from Marco Zehe

其中最明显的更新自然是关于界面的调整,让它和Firefox的缺省主题风格更接近了(我就是用的缺省主题),还不错啦,标签风格和样式是精致了一点,但是谈不上特别的变化;最让我惊喜的是,对于Wordpress的Post Slug的支持,也就是对文章缩略名的支持,这下可以不依赖于slug插件(@@)的方法直接来设置文章的缩略名了。为了找这个功能,我到处看了半天,结果是必须在你点击了‘发布到XXXX‘按钮之后,跳出的确认对话框中可以自己填写Post Slug。很大的进步,不过我更希望是把它放置在类别的标签页里,和标签、类别一起设置,可能更好一点;还有一个对有些人可能蛮重要的更新,那就是可以导入导出Blog的设置了。


10 Jun 2009 , 写毕。